Solid POD

A Solid POD is your own private space on the World Wide Web. Hosted on a Solid POD Server, the POD is owned by you and you control access to its content.

On your Solid POD you can store anything you want.  Photographs, documents, databases, spreadsheets, or any of the hundred-and-one things you may currently have on your phone, your laptop, or your desktop.  You can access your POD at any time and from anywhere.

I know what some of you are thinking just now!  Can’t I already do this by saving my stuff to Google Cloud, or to Amazon Cloud, or Microsoft One Drive, or any of the other cloud depositories.

Yes you can, but there is a crucial difference.

When you download your information to any of the above cloud depositories, your information is held on the cloud.  In essence, it is being held by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or some other company.  They can, and do, analyze what you put into their care, and those large companies know almost everything there is to know about you,

Your Solid POD, your content and your key.
Your Solid POD

When you put information into a Solid POD, nobody else can access it without your specific permission.  It is your POD, your information, and you hold the key.  You can access your own information at any time, and from anywhere, but you own that POD and you control it.

You may of course want to share that information with others, but how much of it you share, and who you share it with, is completely in your control.

I can well remember the early days of the World Wide Web.  Absolutely everything had to be done by code, and that code had to be painstakingly typed out letter by letter.  Things only really took off when companies developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Instead of typing the code each time you wanted to do something, you pressed a button, moved a mouse cursor, or did something else graphical, and the required code ran automatically in the background.  You no longer needed to know how to write code, you only needed to know how to move a mouse and click on a button.

In many ways Solid POD’s are still at the initial stage similar to how the World Wide Web was all those years ago.  This is a great time for developers and code writers to get on board.  The user interface is on its way though.  Apps are currently being created that will enable non-technical users to use your their POD with a graphical interface.

A Solid POD is simply your own private space on the World Wide Web.  You will be able to save information to it, send messages to and from it.  How is this achieved?  In simple terms;

  • Your Solid POD will have an address, and knowing that address will allow anyone to view things in the POD that you want to make public
  • Everyone on the Solid Web will have a unique Solid Web ID
  • You can identify yourself to your friends and family using your Solid Web ID, and once identified your friends and family may allow you to view things that are not visible publicly.
  • Your friends and family can identify themselves to you via their Solid Web ID, and you can allow them to access some private areas of your Solid POD.

In the above way, you retain complete control of everything you place in your Solid POD.

  • Some things you will want to keep completely private, accessible only to you, but accessible by you from anywhere in the world.
  • Some things you may want to make completely public, accessible by anyone.  Your name and a means of contacting you perhaps.
  • Some things you may want to mix and match.  You may want to keep things private, but share some things with a few selected people.

The main benefit is that everything within your Solid POD is yours.  Your pod may be housed on a Solid POD Server, but

  • You have complete control what is in your POD.
  • You have complete control over where it is hosted.
  • You have complete control over who has access to it.