Solid POD Server

A Solid POD Server is at one of the main components of the Solid Web, the other main component being a POD or Personal Online Data store.

Social media networks, and messaging and email networks, currently all depend upon massive servers that are in the hands of big businesses such as Facebook and Google.  They provide the servers on which most of the World Wide Web functions, so almost all the information on the World Wide Web is controlled directly by those large businesses.

The Solid Web envisions a completely different process.  Instead of a few large servers owned by a few large companies, Solid POD servers are designed from the ground up to be the type of servers that anyone can own.   For the thousands of individuals who are familiar with computer code, or familiar with building or hosting websites, then the code is already available for each one of you to create a Solid Server of your own.

Those less technically minded may not want to create your own Solid POD Server, but there will eventually be thousands of Solid POD Servers that you will be able to use.  There may even be someone else in your wider family that has created their own server and whose server can be used by the extended family.    You may be anxious that the family member who has created the server will be able to access anything you add to it, but that will not be the case.  The second major component of the Solid Web is a POD, a Personal Online Data store.  The POD is your space on the server, and you have complete control of everything in your own POD.  It is your personal space, and you will decide what is public and what is private.

Solid Pod Server
Solid Pod Server hosting POD’s

Whether you have a Solid POD Server of your own, share a Solid POD Server with a family member or group of friends, or whether you share a Solid POD Server belonging to companies that will be springing up to host them, the concept is the same.  You create your POD, or POD’s, and you can host it on any Solid POD Server and move it at will to any other server.  Your POD needs to be on a Solid POD Server, but you own your own POD.  Your POD can be on any Solid POD Server anywhere in the world, and you can freely move it from server to server.