Creating Solid POD Servers

There are instructions on creating Solid POD Servers at various places on the internet.   Creating Solid POD Servers is easy in theory but what are the step by step instructions for creating a server to use in your own home?

I am about to find out!

I have looked at various pages of instructions several times, but I have hesitate in creating Solid POD servers on my main computer, a laptop that I use for all my day to day computer activities.  I am not a developer, and I do not manage a server.  I am just a regular guy who meddles a bit, knows a little bit of code, has created quite a few websites in the past, and who has always tried to keep up with all things relating to the internet since it’s inception.  I am currently retired and well into my seventies, and like to constantly learn new things to keep my brain active.

For my next project I have set up this website to provide information about Solid PODs.   I am not a developer, and some of the things I have read on the subject I have found hard to understand.  Most of the current articles appear to be by developers, for developers.  If Solid PODs are going to be taken up in the way they deserve, then the benefits need to be explained to ordinary (non-techy) computer users in terms they can understand.  I have made it my mission to try to understand what is going on, and to try to explain what I have discovered in ‘easier’ terms on this website.

So, first up, is the question of how realistic is it for me to be creating solid POD Servers for myself?  Not wanting to screw up my main laptop, I have just invested a whole five pounds (honestly, that’s all it was) on a second-hand, old, dirty, netbook.  I am going to follow the instructions to create a Solid POD server and I will let you know how I get on, how easy the instructions are to follow, and whether the instructions need to be re-written if they are to be understood by those of us who are less technically minded.

Once I have created my own Solid POD server I will continue by creating my own POD, and then by creating my first Solid POD application.  I will let you know how I get on creating Solid POD Servers.

Updated: Solid Pod Server now created with Step-by-Step instructions