Solid Web

The Solid Web is built upon the existing World Wide Web, but presents a whole new concept and an exciting new way of working online.

This website is being designed to answer any questions you may have about the Solid Web, it’s development and use.

As the site develops, if there is a subject I haven’t covered, or a question I haven’t answered, just let me know.  I’ll create a page that answers your question if I can.  If I can’t, then I’ll try to research the answer and then create the page to answer the question.  Please bear with me.  When I created this website in the autumn of 2018 Solid was a completely new concept to me.

Solid Logo
Solid Logo

The Solid Web is currently brand new, and like all new things there are not many experts about.  This site has dual functions of trying to explain things in a way that can be understood by non-technical site visitors, and also providing resources that will enable us all to take the journey to proficiency.

When you are searching the internet, look out for the above logo.

Sections of the site will try to provide easy to understand information to:

There will be a growing number of websites creating articles as the concept develops, but most of these are currently aimed at developers rather than being aimed as users.  This website will try to redress the balance and provide user focused information.

It was almost impossible to advise businesses about the internet when the existing World Wide Web was barely a year old.  It was almost impossible to convince businesses that they ought to have their own websites and emails, as at that time almost no business leaders had even seen a website or sent an email.

These are similar times.  The new-style World Wide Web, the Solid Web, is still at the development stage.  Those developing it and currently using it are pioneers.  All that will soon change, so it is important that individuals, businesses, and business leaders, get up to speed with the new revolutionary format and start preparing for the new opportunities.

For the more technically minded we also intend to provide sections on:

  • How to create and host a Solid server
  • How to write Solid applications and create Solid apps.

If you missed the excitement of the birth of the World Wide Web, then get on board for the birth of its successor.  I expect that building, and using, the Solid Web will the most exciting time yet.